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Photo taken by Yosuke Tsuchiya
羽田 光佐 / Misa Haneda




Artist. After working as a company employee for eight years, she began creating her artwork. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Based on her own contemplation of workings of life involving death, and her pursuit and thirst for connection with other organisms and a sense of belonging to the earth, she creates works using biology, such as microbial culture, and electronic devices.

学歴 / Education

- 2022 November _ 2023 February : MITx Introduction to Biology "The Secret of Life", Certificated

- 2021 April _ 2022 March : Digital Hollywood School technical media expression course, Tokyo

展示歴・予定 / Exhibition

- 2024 18th August _ 1st September : will join Minato Media Museum (MMM) as a practicioner, Ibaraki

- 2023 24th _ 28th February : "Kaetteiku..." as a part of the group work "Chronos / Kairos" created by CINIC, Future Ideations Camp vol.1: Import * , CIVIC CREATIVE BASE TOKYO

- 2022 3th _ 7th July : "Bodies Echo", as a part of International Conference on Open Access to Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

- 2022 4th _5th June : "INSEPARABLES", BioHack Academy final project exhibition & artist talk, MTRL Tokyo

- 2022 19th _ 20th March : "departure point", digital hollywood sch. graduation exhibition, Tokyo

プログラム参加歴 / Programs Participated

- 2023 19th _23rd February : Future Ideations Camp vol.1: Import *, CCBT / Tokyo

- 2022 October : Biodesign Sprint, "A Future Where Food Nourishes People and the Planet". Organized by BIODESIGN CHALLENGE X MARS WRIGLEY

- 2022 28th June _ 2nd July : "Resonant Bodies" Intensive Sound Co-Creation Hackathon Camp, Tokyo. Directed by Junichi Kanebako, Yoshihito Nakanishi and Andreas Siagian

- 2022 March _ June : BioHack Academy. Waag, Amsterdam. Organized by Georg Tremmel at BioClub Tokyo

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