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Photo taken by Yosuke Tsuchiya
羽田 光佐 / Misa Haneda



After working as a typical Japanese company employee for 8 years, she began creating her artwork. Lives and works in Tokyo.

Against a backdrop of our craving for a sense of belonging to a planetary biosystem and a search to examine the finiteness and contingency of life, she develops a practice collaborating with microbial culture and using electronic devices, moving image, and more.

▼展示歴・予定 / Exhibition

- 2024 6th August _ 5th September : will join Kuse ga aru Award : MAZERU / Group Exhibition of Finalists / MAZETEN, Kyoto

- 2024 18th August _ 1st September : will join Minato Media Museum (MMM) as a practicioner, Ibaraki

- 2024 11th _ 24th March : "I can fee you because I am here.", Shibuya Fashion Week, THE INSTALLATIONⅢ ~on the wall~, Tokyo

- 2024 2nd _ 18th February : "I can fee you because I am here.", Civic Creative Base Tokyo × Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2024 Collaboration Program “Poems in Code: Generative Art Today and Programming-Generated Moving Image” , Tokyo

- 2023 24th _ 28th February : "Kaetteiku..." as a part of the group work "Chronos / Kairos" created by CINIC, Future Ideations Camp vol.1: Import *, CIVIC CREATIVE BASE TOKYO

- 2022 3th _ 7th July : "Bodies Echo", as a part of International Conference on Open Access to Culture, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

- 2022 4th _5th June : "INSEPARABLES", BioHack Academy final project exhibition & artist talk, MTRL Tokyo

- 2022 19th _ 20th March : "departure point", digital hollywood sch. graduation exhibition, Tokyo

▼プログラム参加歴 / Programs Participated

- 2023 19th _23rd February : Future Ideations Camp vol.1: Import *, CCBT / Tokyo

- 2022 October : Biodesign Sprint, "A Future Where Food Nourishes People and the Planet". Organized by BIODESIGN CHALLENGE X MARS WRIGLEY

- 2022 28th June _ 2nd July : "Resonant Bodies" Intensive Sound Co-Creation Hackathon Camp, Tokyo. Directed by Junichi Kanebako, Yoshihito Nakanishi and Andreas Siagian

- 2022 March _ June : BioHack Academy. Waag, Amsterdam. Organized by Georg Tremmel at BioClub Tokyo

▼学歴 / Education

- 2022 November _ 2023 February : MITx Introduction to Biology "The Secret of Life", Certificated

- 2021 April _ 2022 March : Digital Hollywood School technical media expression course, Tokyo

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