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波間にて (2022-2024)











<体験の流れ (約5分間)

  1. 鑑賞者は自身の生まれた西暦と体験したい性別を画面に入力します。するとデータベースから該当の平均寿命が算出されます(厚生労働省作成・男女別『平均余命』よりデータを引用※1)。

  2. 手元のセンサーに指を乗せると脈拍がリアルタイムに検知され、そこから映像と音による体験がスタートします。

  3. 世界人口(※2)を表した無数のパーティクルの中に体験者の寿命を表すパーティクルが立ち現れ、脈拍に合わせて鼓動します。映像は1年ずつ進んでいき、算出された寿命年数が尽きるまで静かにカウントダウンしていきます。

​制作ツール:touchdesigner / Arduino / HeartPulseSensor

(※1) 制作時点で最新版のR3年7月30日公表『R2年簡易生命表』を参照しています。

(※2) 引用元:World Population Prospects published by Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

Everyone knows that life has an end. However, while there is a lot of talk about staying young and healthy, the topic of death seems to be avoided and shunned as if it does not exist." By avoiding looking at "death," doesn't it also make "life" ambiguous?

In this work, we attempt to simulate the viewer's own life span. When you think, even for a moment, about the end of your own life that will come someday, by any chance you may suddenly have a moment in which you are simply moved by the fact that you are alive, or you may quietly feel the joy that is slowly overflowing from your heart.

< Flow of experience (about 5 min) >

  1. The participant enters his or her birth year and the gender he or she wishes to experience on the screen. Then, the corresponding average life expectancy is calculated from the database (using the "Life Expectancy" data for men and women created by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare*).

  2. When a finger is placed on the sensor, his/her pulse is detected in real time, and the experience with images and sound begins from there.

  3. Among the countless particles representing the world's population, one particle representing his/her lifespan stands out and beats to the beat of his or her pulse. The video image ticks one year at a time and quietly counts down until his/her lifespan years are up.

(*) Refer to the "2020 Simplified Life Table" published on July 30, 2021, which is the latest version at the time of production.


Special Thanks

Technical Advice: Sunataro Hosoi

Video Shooting: Erika Misu, Akio Yonekura

Video Editing: Tetsuya Iwaguchi

Photograph: Georg Tremmel​ / Mariko Sakuragi

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